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I am an associate professor at Texas A&M International Univesrity in Laredo. I did my undergraduate studies at Cornell University, where I majored in mathematics and economics (BA 1990). I went to graduate school at the University of Rochester, also in upstate New York (MA, 1994 and Ph.D., 1997).

After finishing my PhD I worked at the World Bank. Between 1996 and 2004, I worked in the research department of the World Bank. In 2005, I started working for the Regional Program on Enterprise Development in the Africa Private Sector Group. After moving to RPED, I mostly worked on Investment Climate Assessments. The data used for these reports is available at the Enterprise Surveys Website.

Between Dec 2007 and Jun 2009, I worked in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Private and Financial Sector Group.

My research falls into three broad areas:

Investment Climate.
Privatization and Competition in the Banking Sector.
Privatization, Competition and Regulation of infrastructure.

During 2003-04, I worked on the 2005 World Development Report: A Better Investment Climate -- for everyone

Database of Political Institutions

Excel data, instructions and codes are available by from The World Bank DPI Website

They can also be obtained from Phil Keefer's website: Phil Keefer's Site.

When using it, please cite:

Thorsten Beck, George Clarke, Alberto Groff, Philip Keefer, and Patrick Walsh. (2001). “New Tools in Comparative Political Economy: The Database of Political Institutions," World Bank Economic Review. 15(1), 165-176

Click here to download the working paper version of the paper. World Bank Policy Research Paper #2283, Washington DC.

When using the variables Checks or Polarization, you should cite Philip Keefer and David Stasavage (2003). "The Limits of Delegation: Veto Players, Central Bank Independence and the Credibility of Monetary Policy." American Political Science Review (August)

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